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The Law is Our Protector

“Behold thine own soul, Thou hast perverted Thy gifts, thou hast squandered Thine opportunities, thou hast spurned Thy warnings, and have became blind to great things, thou playest with baubles. Therefore, behold thyself thus.” – Ludlow

Where did these words come from? Did Ludlow just make them up because he was high on hash? Or were they divinely inspired because he was high on hash? I guess all we can do is speculate.

I would speculate that Ludlow heard them for the same reason that our Creator gave us the law, to protect us from ourselves. The law appears to have been given, not so much as a guide to rightness or morality, as known can achieve either, but rather to protect us and our communities from both mental and physical harm.

In the book of Leviticus we see people undergoing a spiritual exorcism to remove the world from their hearts. As recorded, the first two years of the Exodus was spent at the base of the mountain of God, where each man failed to fully realize his own disgrace, therefore, all these died in the desert of their redemption.

While reading the words of those who post in the forums and write blogs at Myspace, it suddenly occurred on me, just as in the time of Moses, as is today, many create their own understandings in order to allow them their own way. To justify there own thoughts to give their behaviors permission.

There appears to me to be a very self-centered person at Myspace who actually believes her understanding of religion and her unnatural lifestyle is a gift to her society. I have been observing her for several months now as she argues her case, calling others stupid and blind, using all forms of foul language and verbal attracts.

“If an issue causes one controversy, the lie is in one’s head, Truth is working diligently to live in his heart. Where there is debate, Truth is being challenged.” – From my publication “Lines in the Sand”

These appear to believe they are rebelling against “the church” and its intolerant beliefs, however, after careful observation of their writings regarding how much they claim to love their country, even their communities, they appear to fail to understand why the law was given to the church created in the heart of all people.

Again, the law was not granted to necessarily promote morality or virtue, as none of us could ever adhere, but rather to teach us how to maintain some since of semblance of order regarding the physical and mental health of the people who are a direct reflection of each of their families, their communities, their country and the world as a whole.

Let us now explore why the Christ claimed He did not come to abolish the law, but rather to fulfill the law. He did not say to the woman at the well, “Hey, it’s cool, have sex with as many different types of people as you wish.”

But rather, You are forgiven, now stop it! If you do not, you will continue to harm yourself and your community. You will continue to lead young hearts astray from the love of God, the security of family and community.

Whereas, the author of tyranny controls all the media channels that are causing simpletons to become drunk with desire for non-committed recreational sex. All the while this demonic power is promoting unhealthy lifestyles to the children that is spreading his disease of the mind, body and spirit everywhere we go in his adulterous ways.

If you do not understand, nor wish to believe this dark force has existence, read the Book of Enoch. Before the self appointed Vicar of The Christ (the Vatican) tried to hide the true mandate of Lucifer, the Book of Enoch was one of the favorite books of the Hebrew.

Before I move on I wish to express that adultery is any person (rock star) place (home, vacation destination) or thing (material wealth, power, cars, vacation homes, drugs ) or anything we place ahead of seeking a direct relationship with the love of the One who spoke this universe into order.

(Just as a side note, when the Creator decides to unspeak this universe, this material realm we see, hear, feel, smell and taste, that is only a vision created in the back of our brains, will evaporate just like a bad dream.)

“The main points of the (Hebrew Torah) are books concerned with legal rules, and priestly ritual. The first 16 chapters and the last chapters (Leviticus) describe the Priestly Code, detailing ritual cleanliness, sin-offerings (However, it was Lucifer who sinned, not mankind, yet he blames it on the true children of God. Therefore, it was he who) and created a Day of Atonement. Chapters 17-26 describe the holiness code (that none could achieve without The True Christ), including the injunction to love one’s neighbor (all people regardless of color, perceived sexual preference or religious beliefs) as oneself” – Wikipedia (For whatever Wikipedia is worth, as if anyone edits it, Lucifer’s well wishers change it back to fit their understanding.)

Most of us have realized that the worship guidelines in the Torah where presented to the people before the work of The Christ was completed. However, it is the books contained in the Torah regarding proper etiquette that were given to protect us from ourselves, thus to protect our families, our livestock, the land, thus, protection for our communities from both, physical and emotional harm.

However, today many appear to either reject these guide lines for fear it will prevent them from believing whatever they choose to believe, thus allowing themselves to do whatever pleases themselves.

The church says; “You must, or you will go to hell.” This is simply not true. The only way to get to hell is to deny that The Christ overcame “the church” of brick and mortar, Lucifer’s great deception made manifest. The law was not given as rules to reach salvation, if this were so, then Christ nailed Himself to a tree for nothing.

However, if you truly love your family, your community, your country you will live a lifestyle that is healthy for your community and teach your children to do the same by your example.

Lets put our co-dependent society on trial. If we allow our children to disrespect their elders, they will. If we allow our children to do whatever they please, they will. The children of today are begging for boundaries, but few seem able to hear their plea.

“When a man who is granted the power of persuasion denies integrity to earn worldly favor, this man will end up losing in the end.

As any man, who plays by his own rules, plays to lose.” – Lines in the Sand

“I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, and that His justice cannot sleep forever.” – Thomas Jefferson, 1781

We are in grave danger here folks. By design our greedy society is in meltdown mode. Our constitution is being robbed right from our hands. Many of us have been taught by the medias to hate Muslims, but I have news for you, Islam is not your enemy, God has placed a hook in his jaw. However, it is Lucifer who is coming against you via the Vatican in order to recreate the Roman empire, and the Muslim wishes no part of it.

Applying The Law Of Attraction

Most of us are familiar with “The Law of Attraction”. This was the core principle explained in the the DVD released last year called “The Secret” . Thanks to their media blitz almost everyone has at least heard of it. Some believe and some do not, even among the believers there are a lot of people struggling to apply these principles in their life. What was taught in “The Secret’ was nothing new, as a matter of fact these principles are very ancient and we most likely have pieces missing due to the way the idea was kept secret over the millennia.

It was shared only among nobility and through secret societies since the dawn of time. Most likely these principles were originally taught by the same people who shared other knowledge that enabled our humanity to suddenly develop civilization out of nowhere about 6,000 years ago. There is no evolutionary path of civilization it just suddenly appeared. My personal belief is that it was planted here by beings from another advanced civilization somewhere out in outer space. Read this as “Gods” they tried to enable the basic principles that allowed our species to develop a society that placed some value on human life.

I also believe there was cross breeding, as a matter of fact the Bible even says as much in Genesis 6:4 “when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.” [KJV] These Sons of God would have shared their secrets of abundance with their children as any loving father would.

The Law of Attraction and The Secret were born out of the fragments of this information that have survived to our time. I am quite sure there are missing links in the information we have today, however we can still achieve abundance in our life using the information that has survived. The biggest obstacle we all face is overcoming our subconscious programming. Since birth we have been told some things are possible and others are not possible. This negative training causes us to be unable to unlock the great secrets of the universe that God intended us to benefit from. We require a lot of reprogramming of our subconscious mind to overcome what we were taught from the cradle. I have memories of levitating as a baby, then my parents tell me that is not possible and from then on I can no longer levitate!

The Secret was inspired in part by an older book called “The Science of Getting Rich” This little book spells out the same principles as The Secret but was written way back in 1910. In this book Wallace Wattles offers pretty much the same information as found in “The Secret”

We need to learn to overcome the negative programming we received as a child if we are ever to manifest the riches that God intended for us to enjoy on this earth. I recommend the use of subliminal recordings, self hypnosis and a conscious effort to remove negative thoughts from our mind. Like flipping a switch keep a pleasant memory handy and substitute that each time you start to think a negative thought.

It can be difficult to reprogram your subconscious, but the rewards are great and will make it all worthwhile. You are the only thing that is keeping you from being able to apply The Law of Attraction in your life.

Lawyers Enforce Their Clients Best Interests

Have you ever heard Lawyers say that they exist to enforce the law? Often when you confront lawyers about their problematic profession and its damage to our civilization or if you challenge them on the productivity issue, as lawyer produce nothing but are rather scum sucking parasites with professional title; they will tell you that without them their would be chaos and anarchy in the streets. Huh, I was certain that such needs of our society were taken care of by police, judges and correctional institutions.

Let us see we have police who loot, judges who lie, district attorneys that indict for political purposes, Attorney generals who file cases and press releases simultaneously since they will soon be running for office. We have lawmakers who are lawbreakers and who is to save us; The wet behind the ears law student, who in their self righteousness is going to enforce the rule of law? What are they talking about lawyers do not enforce the law, they twist it around to fit the needs of their clients. They argue the definitions of laws, letter of the law, intent of the law, use of the law and case law from any kangaroo court their paralegals can dig up, all while they file embellished lawsuits (lies, misrepresentations and bogus crap).

Between Your Health And The Law Of Attraction

How important is our health? Pretty important right! Your health is actually by far the most valuable asset in your life, you can have all the material possessions in the world, an abundance of wealth and shiny object’s yet it will mean little to nothing if you’re in poor health.

In fact I can assure you there are people out there who have wealth and material possessions in abundance who are in poor health and they’d more than likely happily trade their wealth and possessions for optimal health.

Many people often over-look this important fact when applying the Law of Attraction. Just because you may be in good health doesn’t mean you shouldn’t strive to maintain and improve your health. Far to many people become absorbed by the material riches that the Law of Attraction can offer and neglect both their physical and mental health.

If you’re in good health physically then you operate better on a mental level and the same rule applies in reverse. If you want the Law of Attraction to improve your quality of life then you need to focus on your health, if you’re feeling fit and well your mind will be a lot clearer and thus your manifestation efforts will improve.

So how can we improve our health through the Law of Attraction?

Firstly you need to remove yourself from the mindset of being deserving of optimal health and understand that thought manifestation alone won’t bring you the results you desire. The Law of Attraction is an aide for re-programming your subconscious not a miracle worker!

If you’re to experience the health you desire then you must commit to educating yourself on maintaining a proper diet and invoke certain lifestyle changes. The underlying principle of maintaining good health is to ensure the body gets the nutritional requirements it needs and to engage in exercise.

So simple isn’t it! Yet most people become a victim of society and corporate advertising believing they can ruin their bodies (literally) and then take some wonder pill or go on some absurd crash course diet to restore their health. WRONG!

This is where the Law of Attraction fits in. You need to understand that as with EVERYTHING your mind is the key. If you truly want to be fit and healthy then you’ll need to want for this in your life and want it with a passion. This will mean you’re so set on your end goal that with continued effort it will manifest this into reality!

How can I boost my manifestation efforts?

Apart from the obvious such as diet and exercise you can adopt certain lifestyle changes that will have a positive impact on your health and more importantly will help you develop a more positive mindset. Try to think outside the box, refrain from over-priced pills your doctor recommends, resort to spiritual practices such as meditation and yoga, these are great for improving both your mental and physical state of being.

Yoga actually integrates nicely when using the Law of Attraction and is great for improving your physical health as well as mental well-being. It involves strict disciplines which few actually master, I am constantly working on my Yoga practices, it’s an art not a science!

Practicing Yoga though can add clarity to your thoughts and help you keep the positive frame of mind required to get the desired results you long for when applying the Law of Attraction.

What if my health is poor? If you’re in poor health and focusing your thoughts towards being in poor health and not being in good health then you’re only dampening your manifestation efforts for improved health!

Let’s say for instance you get a crippling headache (I get migraines a lot), ever notice how if you concentrate on how bad the headache is it will only worsen yet if you take your mind away from it seems to get better. These are your thoughts influencing this process.

The same as secret service personnel may be able to stand pain beyond most people’s recognition (yes this stuff does go on in the real world)! Why can they? Did they kill the nerves in their body? NO! They learned through training that “pain” is controllable, it’s your brains way of saying that hurts, that isn’t good, stop doing that. They simply shut out pain through their mind.

Basically if you’re focusing your thoughts and energy towards your poor health then you’re only fueling it! Instead focus on having improved health, there are a number of tools and techniques for doing so which go beyond the scope of this article but commit to change, certify the fact in your mind, visualize yourself as the healthy, energetic and vibrant person you desire and take continued action to making these thoughts a reality.

The Law of Attraction

As you delve deeper into the Law of Attraction and the processes that you need to take to have the universal law of the universe work with you and not against you, one of the key things that you will discover is your own social conditioning can and does work against you at every step of the way. Why do I say that I here you ask? Just think about the social conditioning that has been placed on you as a child, through the teens and into early days as an adult. Typical things I’m talking about would be for a boy but equally have there own conditions for girls. Things like: grow up big and strong, don’t cry, and don’t show your emotions, what are you a man or a wimp. You have all heard them and in part, if you are a parent, used them at various times on your children. We tend to suppress free thinking for social and our community expectations.

What this conditioning has done to us is make us very judgmental. We move through these processes especially within Western Society at our cost. Our judgmental nature has been the breeding grounds for so many of the evils in our society today, such as racism, road rage and bullying to mention just a few. We are training people not to be as one in a community but of a self level. The old “what’s in it for me attitude”. The world owes me a living mentality that pervades our youth today as they live in the “Want It” society. A want society built out of the baby boomers who were a “Lets have it” society where 20% of the population consumed 86% of the world resources.

Our training was designed over the decades to make us judgmental. We were taught to see the issues, the risks etc and to make a decision on them at a rapid pace. For early man it was to react in time to save themselves from being eaten. As time progressed into the industrial revolution, it was to avoid life threatening issues and injury and in our current western society it is a key part of decisions taken in the deal making process within industry. We must react quickly or miss out.

Everything is done at a very rapid rate. As a result the mind concentrated on what it believes is the key points, as it shuffles through the vast amount of information being presented? Research into our decision making processes clearly shows we all operate at different rates with different responses. These responses are clearly related to the learning /schooling we received, what exposure we have had to the situation before or similar related issue and finally how much risk we are prepared to take commonly called our ”risk aversion level”. As our judgments, as we have previously stated, are built on avoiding risk or harm or injury to ourselves.

So where does “Noticing” come into the situation and how does it impact on The Law of Attraction and the response we receive from participation with these universal laws. The key is to look at what our decision making process does. Key among the points is the fact that our decision making process drops information. Our five senses work overtime, all day every day screening out all that surrounds us, while storing some of the information for possible future use. We screen what is being provided to us. We drop from our immediate short term memory what we scan as not important. We become selective about importance of issues. Based not in most part the actual truth, but based, as we pointed out earlier, on our learning, our prior involvement and importantly our risk levels. You see it every day in the introvert and extroverts of our world. Extroverts work on minimal information making decisions on the run never looking back, while introverts look for the fine detail, seeking the weaknesses in the decision being made not just the strengths the extroverts tend to run with. Introverts do not fly by the seat of there pants, on gut feelings or the extroverts “we can fix it as we go” attitude. That’s why in business you need both types within the organization, where neither side has control of the total decision making process.

The key situation for leading managers is to balance these two types at the levels needed for the particular specifics of there industry. The key problem they face is the fact that one tends to hire those people we feel most at ease with and this is usually those with your attitude. How many times do you here both sides blaming each other to others about this or that decision that was made or not made. So and so wouldn’t listen to the issues I pointed out or so and so took to long to make a decision so we missed the deal. Again we are being Judgmental and not Noticing

Noticing is a very key process and a process we all need to take to heart if we are to progress with the Law of Attraction, in the manifestation of our wants and key desires. We need to slow down the decision making process. Stop making the judgments we normally take through social conditioning and to actually pause and sift through all the information being presented. From this information review we often see something we missed due to the screening our brains impose and in the case of the Law of Attraction the simple direction or steps to be taken, if we are to have that which we were manifesting come to fruition.

Our screening process (noticing) needs to expand to include other into the process. We need to build off the introvert and extravert types and apply their processes as necessary in the final decision making. There is a term called “Group Think” which has caused many a company to come unstuck and it simply happens when every one looks at the one side without true evaluation of the alternatives. We all want to please, be one with the group and not be the one to speak up. Some companies are so aware of group think, that at key meeting they appoint a “dissenter” on rotation, who is to be negative to the process under discussion. Their role is to point out counter issues, alternative considerations, possible problems within time lines etc. Why do this I here you ask? It so we notice the things we want to screen out and then drop them for specific reasons not just on screening, learning and knowledge grounds.

We need to become aware of the world around us. The real world, not that which our brain have been socially prepared to accept, not the world that our five senses and even our sixth sense have been conditioned to, as being the norm. We need to seek out the alternative. In relationships we need to just watch people we deal with and try and see things from their side for a change. Try and see their perspective and to notice the information they are basing their decision on. Who knows, they may just have seen what we filtered out or have missed what we filtered in. Take notice do not make judgments, point out your view, but ask for theirs in return so you see what they noticed.

The law of attraction and manifestation is all about Noticing. Noticing exactly what it is we want, noticing the specifics that need to be presented in our visualizations as we seek to attract our manifestations. Noticing the small steps that we need to take to make the manifestation become the reality we seek. Judgment also has a part to play and it always will, but in today’s society Noticing is the key skill we need to develop at the expense of our judgment.

Our judgment and sensory screening will always be here and it must be otherwise we would go mad. Our conscious mind cannot take the flood of information our five senses process constantly minute by minute and still have the ability to make standalone judgments. That is why the universe gave us three segments of the mind to control this information overload.

Law Society Awake As HIPs Pass Away

With the immediate suspension of Hips being “so last month”, the Law Society has reiterated its desire to continue with reform in the Conveyancing process. The Law Society has said reform of the house selling process is essential to meet the needs of the home buying market. The Law Society’s opposition to the introduction of HIPs has been strong and consistent. In its opinion Hips had effectively marginalised Conveyancing solicitors with a process, that was at best pseudo legal, and a worst an additional marketing ploy by new entrants in to the home selling and buying arena.

The Law Society stated that HIPs have led to;

“increased costs and a host of cross selling initiatives that were not in the consumers’ interests. The advent of HIPs encouraged estate agents and HIP Providers to vie with each other to gain the initial access to the consumer so they could be referred, for a fee, to other professionals and service providers which distorted the market. These fees were not transparent to the consumer”

Reform Proposals:

The Law Society wants to revamp its TransAction scheme, which was introduced way back in 1989/1990. The Protocol included standard forms of Enquiries and a Fixtures and Fittings Questionnaire. A process which was badly copied under the HIP Regulations in the form of the Property Information Questionnaire (PIQ). The Law Society is recommending a revamp of the forms again to be provided in standard format.

Robert Heslett the Law Society President added;

“The professional integrity and legal skills which solicitors have traditionally brought to the housing market are probably more important now than they have ever been. The marked increase in property fraud, including registration fraud and mortgage fraud, means that the role of the solicitors as the gatekeeper in the process assumes a greater importance. This role falls to solicitors as the most highly regulated professionals in the process. Solicitors can help consumers understand the residential Conveyancing process, the role of the solicitor and others in the buying and selling market and to make informed choices.”

You might say they would say that wouldn’t they! What would be beneficial is for the reform process to be quickened, so that the consumer will see an honest attempt to fill part of the vacuum left by the demise of HIPs. This at a time where the new Coalition Government saw fit to axe a process with no thought or consideration as to what might replace it. In all the clamour surrounding the suspension of HIPs, no one has trumpeted a return to the “good old days” of slow Conveyancing, Seller and Buyer uncertainty and aborted expense.

Androgen and the Law of Attraction

Polycystic Ovaries Syndrome (PCOS, PCO)

Polycystic Ovaries Syndrome is the most common endrocrine disorder in women of child bearing years (Broomsma et al, 2008). PCOS is associated with infertility, frequent first trimester miscarriage, and an increased risk of gestational diabetes (Goldenburg & Glueck, 2008) so it can be devastating for women.

One of the most salient issues associated with polycystic ovaries syndrome is that a woman’s body produces an excess of male hormones known as androgens.

The Law of Attraction

We know from the law of attraction that in order for something to manifest in your experience, you must be a vibrational match to it. So your beliefs/thoughts and feelings (conscious or otherwise) are in alignment with the experience of what is happening for you (in this case PCOS).

Polycystic Ovaries Syndrome and the Law of Attraction

That does not mean that you has to be thinking about infertility issues or polycystic ovaries syndrome for it to appear in your reality. What is means is that the vibration of PCOS is in some way a match for what is going on in your consciousness.

We are living in a patriarchal society in which ‘maleness’ and manhood is valued more the ‘femaleness’ and womanhood. We have been taught that the expression of emotion or listening to your intuition is somewhat inferior to being strong and practical.

What is the Law Society?

The Law Society is a union for solicitors, and might also be described as a trade organisation for solicitors. They also have rights over the training, and qualification of undergraduate, and graduate lawyers. The main philosophy behind the conception of the Law Society was to offer, paid or unpaid, services and provide social justice for their clients.

Around mid 1500s there were two categories of legal profession, the first one was barristers and the second one was attorneys and solicitors. Solicitors usually dealt with landed estates, and attorneys helped their clients during lawsuits. With time, the two sorts combined, and a common name solicitors was embraced. Although there were many excellent solicitors, there were also some pettifoggers and vipers, who were insulting their very own profession by wrong practices.

In 1923 well known attorneys called a meeting, and they agreed that they should have form the London Law Institution where the service was properly offered, and standards were set. The term London was used to show that the society will enhance the whole nation’s services, and show their aspirations.

The society was formed on 2 june 1825. The society came to be known as the Law Society, although the formal title was The Society of Attorneys, Solicitors, Proctors, and others not being Barristers, who practiced in the court of Law and Equity of the United Kingdom. Then in 1903, the society changed its official name to The Law Society.

The society first proceeded to work against fraudulent practitioners. They got the right to investigate the accounts of a practitioner, and to award them with annual practicing certificates. The society also has an office, Consumer Complaint Service, that deals with complaints regarding solicitors.

Numerous lectures have been delivered in the Law Society with a focus towards improving their standards. Proper legal education was essential to improve the status of the profession. The Solicitors act of 1860 gave the society rights to set up an examination system. The society also went on to create their very own school of Law, which later became the College of Law. Later on, it became necessary for clerks to have one academic year.

The society had a strong agenda from the beginning, which enabled it to have powerful connections with the Government. The fact that they independently waged war against deceitful practitioners, was enough to bring them out into the open, and have a special relationship with the Government on the Law reform, and the formulation of legal policy. Today the society monitors, and maintains validating control over undergraduates and post graduates, training contracts, and ensure continuing professional development.

The services provided by this society have increased since it was formed. The society has a library, and a dining club to add to its impressive brochure. Due to the Gazette, that was launched in 1903, interactions between parties received a welcome boost. By 1959, advice to members on costs, licensed practice, and office management was made available. A Researh Unit was founded in 1988 that published a detailed analysis into the profession as well.

What The Law Says About Medical

Medical negligence or medical malpractice occurs when a medical treatment provided by health providers, including hospital, doctors and other paramedical staff, falls below the acceptable standard. Medicine is regarded as a complicated practice, and all the health service providers cannot always be perfect. When medical treatment is failed and has resulted in some injury, it does not inevitably means that there was any negligence during course of treatment. The false diagnosis of a medical practitioner or the failure to take proper medical treatment falls under medical malpractice.

Some cases of medical malpractice include misdiagnosis of a medical condition, or failure to provide right treatment for a medical situation and unreasonable delay in providing treatment to a medical situation. The laws and rules concerning medical malpractice vary in every state, significantly.

The medical negligence laws are quite technical and complex, and in order to succeed in the compensation claim, it is essential that you receive legal advice from a negligence solicitor. Cases of negligence arise when a medical service provider owns the duty of taking care of a patient while he does not do so, hence causing harm to the patient.

Medical negligence is a failure of treatment and care provided to the patient by paramedical staff that claims to have the reasonable degree of skill. If the doctor lacks proper skill or overlooks any established rules, while the patient is under medical care, the hospital can be held liable to pay compensation for the medical negligence caused by their paramedical staff.

A legal negligence claim for compensation must be settled within the time duration of three years of the incident. Legal action will not be considered if the time limit is exceeded; however, there are few exceptions to this rule.

For the medical claims of people under 18 years, the three-year time period for claiming negligence does not begin until the claimants is eighteen years old. The time period begins from the date of the discovery of injury, which may be years after the negligent act was committed.

For people having mental incapacity, there is no specific time limit to claim for the medical malpractice. Judges have the authority to override the time limit under specific circumstances. This judgment is exercised rarely if a claim is outside normal conditions; special considerations should be reported in form of an application to the judge, in order to extend the time limitations for claim. If you like to have free advice, you can contact the specialist solicitor from the law society panel of medical expertise, who will evaluate your case and discuss compensation claim under no obligation or cost.

How To Make The Law Of Attraction

If you are wanting to attract the things that your heart desires into your experience, there are things you first must know.

Just as you must be made aware of the laws of society so that you may stay within their guidelines, so to avoid trouble, or lead a peaceful life because you have chosen to obey these manmade laws, it is with laws that govern this universe.

Likes attract likes through their magnetic pulling power as which is evident in every physical thing of the universe.

If you are truly wanting physical things to appear in your time space reality, and you want to use the law of attraction more effectively to ensure you get what you want, then it will be necessary for you to become a student of the law of attraction, for there is much to know.

What you think of most, you attract. If you are worried about a cheating spouse, you will fill your marriage with so much doubt, you will undermine it and eventually find a cheating spouse. If you are afraid your child will not do well in school, your anxiety will cause your child not to do well. If you fill your life with panic and anxiety, you will undoubtedly be experiencing circumstances that fill your realty with panic and anxiety, like cheating spouses and struggling children.

You first must spend time learning to still your mind so that you can hear what it is you are wanting… When you have finally fallen upon that thought, then you will need to ask yourself why it is you want what you want…

The reason for this is so to help you illicit positive emotional responses within you vibrationally, so that your mind can attract more strongly that which you want.

The more you think about what you want, and the more positively you feel about that which you want the faster what you want appears.

A quick tip; You must learn NOT to give your focus to silly things… like what someone else is wearing, or how they are behaving, what color their hair is, or whether or not they have breast implants… You must not invite into your mind, the worry about what others think about you, feel about you or what they are doing on Friday night.

What you do need to do is invite into your mind an allowing… You must learn to stay focused in your mind on the thing you are wanting. And when your mind wanders off to something silly that society has tried to program you to deem worthy of thought, turn from that silly thought and find your point of focus again.

Another tip; You cannot attract love when all you focus upon is how lonely you feel. You must focus upon how it would feel for you to attract the love you want. You must write about it, imagine it, buy the perfume you would buy to wear around the love of your life, go to the places you would like to go when you find your love, and buy clothes you would wear if you were in love.

In doing so you will create strong positive emotions within, which will help your vibrations fall into alignment with what you are asking… And as you come more into alignment with what you desire, the universe can then work its magic…

If you begin focusing on what you do want, and how you will feel when you get what you want, the law of attraction will deliver to you that which you are wanting… It has to..Its the Law.

If you are wanting peace, but all you do is focus on the fear you are feeling, perhaps in a bad relationship, only more fear can show up. Whatever you think of most will keep reappearing. If you are in a bad relationship, you must find something in your mind to focus upon and love, so that that feeling of love and peace can grow. It isn’t easy… but the only way out of whatever hell you are in, is through your mind…

If you are overweight, and all you focus upon is how heavy you are… you will stay heavy… What you must learn to do is find that feeling place within you that forces you to feel as if you are already thin. Look at the clothes you would buy if you were thin, shop in places you would if you were thin, and ease into feeling as if you truly were thin…

The true key to all of this… is to learn to stop pushing what you want away… when you see a car you want, just pull it in with your mind… don’t stop the attracting power of it buy saying to yourself you will never get that car… you don’t have the money for that car etc… when you see people in love, don’t hate them for having what you want… they are there to show you what you want and what you want to feel… pull it in… pull in their feelings for one another into you… don’t push it away…